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Live, Laugh And Love

2 years ago

Pose Like A Boss

The three famous pose. At the first picture, it is called the "Ang Buhay Nang Gangster" pose. The second picture was the "Sukarap" pose. While the third pose called "Wink Wink Milk". Craziest pose eveeeeer! Hahahah XD

2 years ago

Fashion Vogue Model

This photo was my first ever photoshoot as I entered the world as a young aspiring ramp model. My photoshoot was held at Sun City, Buhangin. With the special participation FVM's photographer Topline Photography. This moment is one of my most memorable experience happend in my life. As I begin modeling, I met new friends. I learned how to manage myself as I ramp at the stage. Thank you FVM for this life experience. I may not be always at FVM agency, atleast I learned many.

2 years ago

All My Life

Hi ! I am Riza Joy Lacierda. I live in Davao City. Born in Balinad, Polangui Albay on November 11, 2000. I was the third lucky daughter of Mary Jean Lacierda and Ruben Lacierda. I had two elder sisters named Ruby Jean and Jean Rachelle. One youngest brother; Ranier Jon. I was blessed to have them as my family. We may not always complete under the same roof, but we're still happy. 

2 years ago

What is the most important among Live, Laugh and Love?

Someone ask me which is the important among the three. I said Living, because if you don't live you can't laugh and love. But that someone corrected me and said "Love is the most important, because if you never find love, you'll never fully laugh and never completely understand the meaning of living."